Sunday, March 18, 2012


Finally got around to scrapbooking Riner's first birthday. Here it is...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Riner's Party

Riner's Birthday Party was awesome. I had the AMAZING Erica Mowell come and take pictures ( I made every decoration, and I had a blast throwing this party. I will share with you some of the things I made, and share how I made them.

1. Happy Birthday Banner. I cut out triangles out of 8X11.5 scrapbooking paper. I wrinkled the paper to make it look less like scrapbooking paper. I then cut out the letter from my cricut. I glued on the letters. I then hot glued the triangles to yarn. This was super easy, and I am thinking I will keep for future Birthday Parties.

2. I had the idea for a cpncession stand as I was trying to decide what I wanted the food to be. We had all kinds of concession stand food. Nachos, Pizza, Popcorn, Candy, Hot Dogs. I wanted a concession stand sign, so I got black poster board, and bordered it with Scrapbooking paper. I then took some chalk and wrote the food that we were having on the poster board. DO NOT spray it with anything. It will make the chalk disappear.

3. Concession Stand Signs- I Cut out circles and the words from my Cricut. I glued them onto a skewer. I then poked them into an apple.

4. Since it was a sports themed birthday party, I decided to make the presents table a place to "make bets". I made the sign with the black poster bard I messed up on when I tried to spray the concession stand sign. I bought the money from the dollar store.

5. I wanted there to be games for the bigger kids that would be at the party, so I set up little sports stations. It wasn't much because I didn't have that many older kids at the party, but I made the signs with of course my Cricut and I bought 89 cents sticks from Walmart. I put them through apples and placed the apples in a solo cup.  It worked out great.

6. Become a Pro- I wanted to do something fun with pictures. I love pictures, and I wanted to make something you could take pictures with. I order cheap 2$ posters online. I then cut out the faces, and put it on a cardboard box. This was fun, and I really liked them.

7. The frames were my favorite thing I made. I loved looking through the MILLIONS of pictures to pick my favorites. I bought 1$ walmart wooden frames. I painted them 4 different colors, and then I stenciled on the pictures.

8. My cupcakes were done by the AMAZING Becky Light. They were beautiful and tasty. I cut out pictures of Riner, and then hot glued them onto skewers. Them put them into the cupcakes. The stupid cupcake liners were expensive and pretty, but they wouldn't stick to the cupcake. They were from Hobby Lobby... so be warned.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Newborn Pictures

As a new amateur  photographer, I am constantly looking for practice, so when my assistant principal at work had a new baby girl, I asked if I could practice on her. I was excited about her pictures, so I wanted to share a few. Her mom had this great idea to take pictures with her grandmother's old bible. I love pictures that have a special touch to them. Well here they are.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Scrap Page

I just got finished scrapbooking Riner's actual birthday. I am still waiting for his birthday party pictures to do his party scrap pages. I got the kits for these pages at Scrap Orchard which has wonderful scrapbooking kits.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentines Page

I love scrapping. I just recently went digital though. I love it because I can scrapbook and I don't have to organize tons of stuff. I still love to scrapbook cards and things, but I think my books will mostly be done digitally now. I have yet to actually print my first book though. I like to scrapbook like I am telling a story to my little boy. Here is the Valentines page that I just did. This is a 2 page spread that will lay right next to each other.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

My little boy is such a charmer and quite the little flirt, so when I was trying to think about what I should do for his Valentines Card... I decided I would make him a little heartbreaker. My husband and I put up a black backdrop and put our little man in a white button up and a bow tie that his cousin let us borrow for my husband's sister's wedding. He looked adorable. Catching that adorableness was a little harder. He was not interested in the rose at all, so I would hand it to him and he would throw it down... That is what he is trying to do in this picture. He was looking at his daddy who is jumping up and down and making funny noises. This is actually the 2nd picture I took on rapid fire. I was real pleased on how it turned out. He is quite the little charmer isn't he.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Riner's First Birthday

Today is my baby's first birthday. His daddy had to work night shift last night, but was off last weekend, so we had his birthday party last week (Pictures from the party will come later), but we ordered this shirt for him for his party, but I didn't order it in time, and we got it too late for him to wear for the party, but he is wearing it today. He looks so cute in it. We ordered the shirt from

 We had lunch with my momma, and went to Sweet Cece's in Kingsport. The owners were there and they were soooo nice to us. We are about to go play at McDonalds. It will be the last McDonalds trip I EVER make. Last year, when riner was born, I gave up soda. I have not had one soda in 1 year. I am going to continue this tradition, but I am going to add a ban on McDonalds as well. Wish me luck.